Training: Storytelling in the classroom, a means to develop students’ social and emotional intelligence

Storytelling in the classroom, a means to develop students’ social and emotional intelligence: a training for teachers and social workers

A workshop by Sonia Carmona Tapia
Costs: € 45
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There are many values in using storytelling in the classroom. One of them is that we can present and communicate information in a memorable way, a way that connects this information with our emotions. Through stories, students can relate to the material emotionally, because they can identify with the characters and situations in the stories, and do it in a safe setting. But many times the teacher faces difficulties in using stories as a tool in the classroom. What stories can I tell? Where can I find them? How do I tell the story? How do I know which story to choose? When should I use a story? In this workshop-seminar we will try to help the participants to be able to respond to all these questions.

- To provide the teachers with storytelling tools that will help them develop students’ social and emotional intelligence.
- To broaden the concept of storytelling by practicing different techniques of telling stories.
- To overcome the fears of telling a story.
- To be able to construct images that can transport the listener.
- To help teachers to improve their own storytelling
- To help teachers to assist their students to improve their storytelling

About Sonia Carmona Tapia

Theatre director, actress and storyteller. Sonia has directed Aaiún Producciones for 22 years, a cultural enterprise in the south of Spain that has been very active in developing educational and social programs. At the early age of 17 Sonia leaves her hometown, Granada, the city of the Alhambra, to cross the Atlantic Ocean thanks to a grant from the program Youth for Understanding. She goes to the USA for one year, but stays there for five years. She obtains a performance grant in aid to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre specializing in acting. In 1992 she graduates from West Virginia University magna cum laude. She then returns to Spain and settles in Sevilla where she studies theater directing at the Sevilla Theatre Institute and doctorate courses on Theatre Science at the University Hispalense. Sonia has directed and produced over 30 plays. In 1998 she starts storytelling . As a storyteller she has worked all over Spain and in some of the most important festivals throughout Europe. She is the coordinator for international relationships at AEDA, the Spanish Professional Storytellers ´association and has been part of the executive committee of FEST, European Federation for Storytelling.