We believe that room for everyone’s story is vital for a balanced society. In a changing society we therefore see it as a necessity to provide a stage for all those stories and to further the effect of applied storytelling to a global scale.

Although we once started as a producer of festivals and theatre performances with a social urgency, an important pillar was added in 2012: the use of applied storytelling in society. We currently have three pillars.

Storytelling Centre

Storytelling Centre is a nationally and internationally renowned training centre that connects people for social impact, connection and personal growth. Our training locations range from war zones and neighborhood disputes to intercultural and intergenerational encounters, language lessons and personal growth, for example to increase the chances of young people on the labor market.

Storytelling\Theater Lab

In addition to our storytelling training, we are also involved in the production of theatre performances. We do this in the Storytelling \ Theater Lab. Every year we produce performances based on personal (and urgent) stories, and use the full diversity of theatre. Within the Lab we also train new storytellers and give them the opportunity to clock up flight hours.

Storytelling Festival

The Storytelling Festival Amsterdam has been around since 2008 and brings together some of the best storytellers and actors from all over the world every autumn. For 5 days visitors enjoy performances, expert meetings and lectures. As the producer of the festival and the performances, we contribute to the development and visibility of storytelling in the Netherlands.