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Date and time: 10 - 12 December 2021 - 20.00

Location: Thiemeloods, Leemptstraat 34, Nijmegen

From Friday 10 to Sunday 12 December, the very first Storytelling Festival Nijmegen will be held in the Thiemeloods. Listen to other people’s stories this weekend, deepen your own story through workshops or come and see the stories behind Nijmegen people in the exhibition of ‘The People of Nijmegen’.


On Friday Eric Corton will take you into the world of Max who unexpectedly has to leave his safe life behind.

On Saturday, in the musical performance MANHOOD, we will hear the story of Sandro Lima, who goes in search of his own freedom in a tough man’s world.

Master storyteller Raphael Rodan takes us, together with Erik Sjøholm in THE DONKEYS JAW, to his childhood in Israel on the basis of centuries-old stories.

We close the weekend with Ilay den Boer’s SALOMON. In order to fully understand the asylum procedure, Ilay went to the asylum seekers’ centre, the IND and the Amsterdam District Court, where he attended the appeal phase of rejected asylum seekers as a trainee court clerk. Tonight, he invites the audience to ask themselves where we should get the wisdom to pass a Solomon’s judgment. How do we take responsibility together?

Youth programme

The Storytelling Festival offers family performances in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. Go on a musical journey through Cameroon in LIFE OF MATHEO or stimulate the imagination with Soula Notos’ TODAY I AM A LEO, TODAY I AM…


On both days you can also participate in storytelling workshops, on Monday by Master Storyteller Raphael Rodan (English spoken, adults) and on Sunday by Soula Noutos (Dutch spoken, 6-12 years).


With the ongoing exhibition ‘The People of Nijmegen’, the visitor is taken further behind the portraits that appear daily on the popular Facebook page. Besides a selection from the enormous collection of images and stories from the past few years, new portraits and personal stories are on display.

The Storytelling Festival Nijmegen is a collaboration between Thiemeloods, Storytelling Centre Amsterdam (The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival) and Mister Otis, made possible by the City of Nijmegen and the Province of Gelderland.

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