Casablanca Stories

We believe that every community consists of different identities. Identities that enrich and strengthen the community, as long as you can and may celebrate this diversity. To make this diversity more visible, we initiated a bottom-up project in Casablanca to put storytelling on the (cultural and social) agenda of the city.

Strenghtening identity

In the 7-day storytelling program Casablanca Stories we trained (future) youth trainers with our Share to Connect method. They learned to build bridges between different identities and to make communities more resilient, by encouraging mutual respect and interest. Eventually they made a performance in combination with workshops for younger residents of two cities, in which research into identity as a city resident was central. (Gender) equality was a key point in this.

Casablanca Stories: strengthening identity in Morocco


  • 7-day training for 8 future youth workers, who can now use storytelling to strengthen their community
  • A performance developed by the 8 participants, which was played twice in different areas in Casablanca, connected to youth workshops
  • 2-day workshop for 48 young people, focused on empowerment and encouragement to become an active participant in society
  • The promotion of (gender) equality between everyone
  • Strengthening listening and empathic skills, using non-violent communication
  • The contribution to strong, resilient and respectful communities in Casablanca and therefore also other areas in Morocco
  • Local conference on the Share to Connect method for more than 30 partners and professionals in the field of cultural and social work, so that they can also use storytelling for youth empowerment and connection and strengthening the community.


  • Storytelling Centre Foundation
  • New GÉNÉRATION (Marocco)
  • L’Uzine (Marocco).

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