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We believe in the power of sharing stories


Storytelling Centre Amsterdam is a nationally and internationally renowned training centre. Using various storytelling methods, we ensure personal growth, social impact and language development. We are also a knowledge institute, festival producer and producer of performances by young storytelling talent.

The Storytelling Centre’s training locations vary from conflict areas abroad to neighbourhoods and community centres in Dutch cities. Our training methods offer solutions for neighbourhood quarrels, intercultural and intergenerational encounters, language lessons and, for example, increasing the chances of young people on the labour market.


We believe in the power of sharing stories. And we are convinced that in a balanced, culturally diverse society, there should be room for everyone’s story; especially in times of intercultural tension.

In our changing society, we see it as a necessity to provide a platform for all those stories, especially of people you usually don’t see speaking, in the theatre and outside. Because only when you know someone’s story, you can understand them. That is our motivation and our vision.


The Storytelling Centre originated from the International Storytelling Festival Amsterdam (now Amsterdam Storytelling Festival), which was founded in 2008 by Arjen Barel and Marlies ter Haar. Marlies and Arjen met at the Storytelling Theatre Days in Utrecht, and after the organisation of this festival decided not to continue its activities, they came up with a plan for a new event.

In January 2012, Stichting Storytelling Centre (an NGO) was established to allow the organisation to grow and add other activities to the festival. Since then, numerous new projects have been developed in the field of storytelling. Both artistic and applied.

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