Making and sharing stories


Storytelling Centre develops and provides training and workshops for everyone, aimed at creating personal growth and social impact. We focus on both professionals and the target groups themselves. Sometimes the training focuses on how to tell a good story, but often it is also about group formation, increasing mutual trust and strengthening mental resilience. 

We work in various sectors, such as education, the social sphere, for the government and for emancipation organisations. But we also regularly work for companies that want to strengthen their team or improve customer relations. And let’s not forget our training courses in the field of language, linked to our Alternative Ways method.

Our training courses and workshops are always tailor-made. We tune them in advance to the wishes of the organisation and during the session to the needs of the participants. In this way we facilitate no standard talks but honest stories and attentive listeners. Do you have any questions?

New to storytelling?

Introduction workshop

What is the power of sharing stories? How can you use storytelling when working with different target groups? How do you tell a good story? All these questions are addressed in the introductory workshops we regularly give. Do you want to get to know storytelling and find out how to use it in your organisation? Then this introductory workshop is a good first step.

We gave this workshop amongst others to ROC Mondriaan and De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek Advocaten 

Make a really good story?

Storytelling workshop

A workshop series of several ‘sessions’, in which we raise the innate talent for sharing stories to a higher level. And in which we let you experience what it is like to share a well-structured yet authentic story. We work both on creating the story and on telling it in the right way, whereby issues such as voice and even body language also play a role. But the (group) process of creating a story and supporting each other in doing so is at least as important. 

We gave this workshop amongst others to the Bildung Academie, project Ambassadors of Amsterdam and to the LHTBTQ+ community in Amsterdam and the Balkan

For and by professionals

Train the trainers

A workshop series of several ‘sessions’ for professionals in, among others, healthcare and education. Participants learn to use their personal story professionally and to facilitate storytelling in their own field. Storytelling Centre is a European leader in the development of unique methods that use story as a means for social change (see Knowledge). We train participants in our storytelling methods; they learn the social theory behind storytelling, dozens of interactive assignments and learn what to do when a client shares a powerful personal story in a group. By sharing work experiences, there is also a fine reflection on what connects professionals with the client and with each other. At the end of the course, participants receive the book ‘Storytelling and the World’ and a certificate from the Storytelling Centre.

We gave this workshop amongst others to ROC Albeda and in Palestina.  

Long-term cooperation


The power of storytelling is best felt in our long-term projects. Partly thanks to European Erasmus+ projects, we have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience at home and abroad, which we have incorporated into our methods.

We regularly work in ‘problem areas’, with the long-term unemployed, homeless youth, chronically ill patients and men in social isolation. And in changing neighbourhoods full of eager students, old and new residents and local entrepreneurs; no group is too vulnerable or too crazy for us.

We believe that everyone has the right to have his or her story heard. Our mission is to make room for all those stories (and sometimes help improve them a little).


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