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Storytelling Centre Amsterdam

Creativity for Innovation

There is no beginning without an end, and after the start there is always a finish.
There are not enough proverbs to emphasise how the Creativity for Innovation project flew by. Or yes, just one more: time flies when you’re having fun (and in this case: when you are learning a lot, with some great people around!)

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Arjen Barel

Stories in policymaking

Stories in policy making Storytelling is hip and happening and its usefulness is slowly making its way into government policy-making, especially as a means of

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Arjen Barel

Corona is just a story

Corona is just a story Before I make people angry with this headline: I believe that the coronavirus exists and that our society is currently

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Arjen Barel
Director of the Storytelling Centre and Theatre Lab and Storytelling Coach

… shares his knowledge on this page.

He previously wrote, amongst others, the book:

‘Storytelling and the World’

and just finished working on: 

‘Stand stronger with your own story’ 

He regularly lectures on storytelling in the social sector.