Stop! Storytelling against polarization

Stop! Storytelling against Polarisation How can you use storytelling as an intervention to reduce polarisation? We have already put this into practice a number of times, for example in Amsterdam North with two residents’ groups that were in conflict with each other but also in Palestine-Israel. Now, we participate in a European project to develop […]

Corona is just a story

Corona is just a story Before I make people angry with this headline: I believe that the coronavirus exists and that our society is currently disrupted by people getting sick. I don’t want to talk about the world of hoaxes and fake news. Rather, I would like to focus on how we make stories about […]

Don’t let corona become our only story

Don’t let corona become our only story What impact can the corona crisis have on our mental health? Besides the relational tensions that can arise from living on top of each other, many of us are also stuck in one negative story. It is important for our minds to keep making room for stories that […]