Storytelling en creatieve workshops identiteitsversterking in gevangenissen

Moroccan prison starts using creativity for personal development, and we are there!

From the 1st to 6th July, our Storytelling Centre team will work with juvenile delinquents in the Oukacha prison in Casablanca. At the request of Fondation Sqala, two trainers will work with these young people on making stories for a week. The focus will be on their own personal stories. The aim of the project is to offer young people in prison the opportunity to develop themselves through art and culture. Dancing and making music are also part of this project, which lasts until 16 July and is partly made possible by the Dutch Embassy in Morocco.

Innovation in prison culture

The use of creativity and culture for personal development is completely new to this sector. The Oukacha prison is the only prison in North Africa in which such a project is currently taking place. It’s the second creative project for the prison this year.

Community training in Casablanca

The creative project in Casablanca’s prison will be our second project in Morocco this year. Earlier, we trained twelve professionals in Casablanca in the use of storytelling in community work. A number of people who’ve joined this finished project, will be involved in the project at the Oukacha prison. In this way, Storytelling Centre can build a solid and sustainable base in Morocco to ensure that more and more Moroccan people will start using stories for personal development and social impact.

Storytelling en creatieve workshops commuity versterken storytelling in Casablanca
Storytelling en creatieve workshops commuity versterken storytelling in Casablanca

Share to Connect method

When providing these type of training, we use the Share to Connect method. This method is developed by Storytelling Centre. In the past year, Storytelling Centre has used this method in Palestine/Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Spain, Lithuania, France, Slovenia, the UK and of course in the Netherlands.

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