The Power of Art

In this project we focus on the Amsterdam Nieuw-West neighbourhoods in Amsterdam and Toxteth in Liverpool. These are both multicultural neighbourhoods with multiple social and economic challenges, in which large numbers of young people are not active in the labor market and do not follow education or training.

Development of soft skills

While many employment programs focus on so-called “hard skills”, our research shows that young people often lack “soft skills”. For many young people, poor education is not the reason why they are looking for a job. We help young people to learn soft skills through a creative, sustainable method; namely through storytelling, photography, music and dance. The Storytelling Centre Foundation takes care of the storytelling part.

The Power of Art: storytelling for employment opportunities



  • Co-financed by the European Union from the Erasmus + program
  • Storytelling Centre Foundation
  • Shokkin’ Group Netherlands.

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