Storytelling is an important factor in social inclusion, poverty reduction and the provision of sustainable economic growth. We therefore use storytelling in the following areas of personal development: to increase the chances of unemployed young people on the labor market, to achieve personal growth and as an alternative method to learning a language.

How does storytelling contribute to personal growth?

Creative thinking has everything to do with breaking free from existing routines. Making it easier to learn a second language, or to learn new competencies for the job market. We involve people in trainings, cultural initiatives and volunteering in local and international contexts.

In addition, we encourage them to make a positive contribution to their own development and that of others, with an impact on their understanding of global citizenship. Fortunately, more and more organisations are discovering storytelling as a means to help young people find a job or, for example, to teach refugees a second language.

This introduction to personal growth is just a small example of how storytelling contributes to personal growth. Check our blog posts about personal growth for more information about how storytelling contributes to increasing the chances of young people on the labor market, personal development and learning a second language.

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