Building Bridges in Palestina

We experienced the power of stories during a storytelling training in Palestine and Israel. People were reinforced and got a clearer picture of their identity. Because of that they were better able to enter into dialogue. As a result, we set up a two-year program for young people to use storytelling in Palestine.

A 2-year storytelling program

In this project we focused on increasing understanding between Israelis and Palestinians on the West Bank and in Israel. Over a period of almost 2 years we trained young people to use storytelling professionally in their community. This was followed by a practice-oriented program, in which the trained trainers put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. We ended in March 2019 with a two-day conference for local professionals.


Building bridges in Palestina: strenghtening identity


  • Storytelling Centre Foundation
  • Kids4Peace
  • Jerusalem Peace Builders
  • Neve-Shalom/Whaat-Al-Salaam
  • EcoMe
  • New Dawn for the Negev
  • Local schools
  • Arava Institute
  • Bereaved Families Forum
  • Women Wage Peace
  • Yala Young Leaders
  • Beit Almusika
  • Harduf Centres
  • Givat Haviva

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