Workshops in Shefa'amr

Who are you when you grow up in a conflict zone? Can you be sure of and proud of your identity when you are constantly suppressed and your story is not allowed? Just like young people all over the world, many Palestinians sometimes forget what their stories from the past are. We started with that.

Identity strenghtening

To strengthen the identity of young people and also to strengthen cooperation between various groups around gender and religious background (such as Muslims and Christians), we organized three intense storytelling workshops for young people aged 16-26. We did this in various cities on the West Bank in Palestine and in Galilee (Tulkarem and Shefa’Amr refugee camp. We finished with a public presentation.

Workshops in Shefa’amr: identity in conflict zones



  • Storytelling Centre Foundation
  • Shokkin Group Netherlands
  • Music Generations
  • Local organisations

Storytelling Centre Amsterdam

The Storytelling Centre Amsterdam organises storytelling workshops and trainings for companies, civil society organisations, NGO’s and for you. 

  • Following a workshop increases your  communication skills and team player skills.
  • You learn to really listen and speak about yourself without any fear.
  • You increase your self conficence.

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For you as a human

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