Meeting the Other Workshop: Dialogue for Peace

Storytelling is a great – alternative – method to turn young people into change makers within their community. Because through storytelling you learn to connect with yourself. If you can do that once, then it is also easier for you to connect with other people in your community.

The power of communication

During this four-day workshop in the Netherlands, we worked with 12 young people aged 16-22, including both Arab and Jewish Israelis. The first two days were used on collecting personal stories, after which we worked on telling them. Also discussed was how the young people could use these storytelling skills in their community after the workshop. At the end we had a presentation.

Meeting the Other Workshop: Dialogue for Peace



  • Storytelling Centre Foundation
  • Foundation Generations of Changemakers
  • Storyteller Raphael Rodan
  • Changemaker Bharath Nataraj
  • (final directing)

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