To School!

The project To school! is an intergenerational project that originated in the context of art participation by the elderly. And how better to do that than through memories of (elementary) school days? Thinking back to this time yields beautiful and personal stories that at the same time paint a picture of the times.

Intergenerational connection

With people from different generations we searched for their school stories, we worked on a good story and we brought them on stage. They were warm stories, such as the first infatuation, but also nasty stories, such as harassment. And they were also stories about a different era; our school system has changed enormously. The focus was on the elderly (65+) and young people (20-30 years) from Amsterdam New-West, a culturally very diverse neighbourhood.

To school! for intergenerational connection



  • Storytelling Centre Foundation
  • The actors of the Tuinstadtheatre
  • Local partners in Amsterdam New-West.

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