Share to Connect: Using storytelling for Youth work

Storytelling is increasingly being used as a tool to initiate communicative, social and intercultural processes among young people. That is because storytelling is about the storyteller as well as the listener and therefore brings connection. In order to achieve that connection worldwide, we regularly pass on our method to other youth workers.

Coincidental meeting, or not?

Storytelling helps us to think differently about problems, but also takes us out of our daily thinking pattern and opens up new visions. And those are precisely the qualities that are necessary to develop a more sustainable and resilient society. To help other youth workers worldwide achieve the same results among young people, we developed the Share to Connect method. We transfer the method to other youth workers through workshops, training and presentations.

Share to Connect: Using storytelling for Youth work​


  • The introduction of our storytelling method to young people via Share to Connect, currently used in 7 countries
  • 23 people now use the Share to Connect training method in 5 different countries
  • Teaching young people to use different tools to achieve creative and resilient thinking in their community
  • Teaching young people to use tools that stimulate and boost an open mind in intercultural districts
  • Insight into how our storytelling method can contribute to building a strong and resilient community among young people
  • Knowledge about working in intercultural groups via the Share to Connect method


  • European project
  • Storytelling Centre Foundation
  • Yallah Young Leaders (Palestine)
  • Arbeit und Leben NRW (Germany)
  • Solde Mayo (France).

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