Storytelling Training in Conflict(areas)

Stichting Storytelling Centre zet storytelling in bij conflictgebieden, maar ook bij buurtruzies, sociale onveiligheid of problemen rondom diversiteit.

“We met like strangers and ended up like a family. And all of that happened just because we shared our stories. I think it is because we had the same feelings – sad, happy – but everyone in his own way.”

“The enemy is the one whose story you do not know.” That is the starting point for our training focused on conflict management. Together with the participants we look for the common denominator or common ground and we ask to make stories about that. We do this in culturally diverse neighborhoods in the Netherlands, but also in Palestine / Israel.

Workshops are made to fit

Trainings are tailor-made, depending on the target group and the goal. This can range from neighborhood disputes to conflict areas or problems related to diversity and social insecurity. Please contact us for more information about a workshop.


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