Storytelling Training for Intergenerational Communication

Stichting Storytelling Center biedt storytelling trainingen aan om generaties met elkaar te verbinden, jong en oud. Of het nou gaat om sociale onveiligheid, senioren die jongeren kunnen begeleiden of verbinding in de buurt.

“The seniors helped me to be me and use the things I have learned to raise my level and progress in life. Thank you so much for this experience!”

Often the focus is on intercultural differences, but sometimes the differences between generations are greater and lead to more social problems. In our training courses we bring these generations together, focusing on stories that connect the groups instead of divide them. We use different methods for this, with the result that young and old understand each other better and deal with each other more easily.

Workshops made to fit

Training is tailor-made, depending on the target group and the goal. This can range from social anxiety among the elderly, young people getting to know the neighbourhood and seniors who guide unemployed young people. Contact us for more information about a workshop.


  • More mutual understanding and therefore acceptance of each other
  • More social security in the area
  • More appreciation for themselves and therefore also for each other
  • Personal growth through greater self-confidence and more self-respect
  • Strengthening neighbourhoods and districts

Your trainers

beschikbaar voor storytelling trainingen bij sociale impact, persoonlijke ontwikkeling en verbindingsprojecten.



Arjen is director and trainer at the Storytelling Centre and artistic director / producer at Storytelling \ Theater Lab. He developed the Share to Connect method to put applied storytelling on the map worldwide. He recently worked in Morocco, Palestine, Lithuania, Slovenia, Great Britain and Hungary. He is involved in performances as a dramaturg, director or writer.

fouad lakbir


Fouad Lakbir guides young people in their creative development within his own foundation (Shokkin ’Group Netherlands) and as a trainer at the Storytelling Centre. For example, he likes to work on empowering young people or on meetings between young and old. He knows how to create a safe space and group feeling like no other.

Hester Tammes is beschikbaar voor storytelling trainingen bij sociale impact, persoonlijke ontwikkeling en verbindingsprojecten.

Hester tammes


Hester Tammes is an enthusiastic storytelling trainer who frequently coaches participants in Human Libraries. She trained as a lawyer, but has been working in theater for years as a producer, financial manager, writer and maker. She caused a furore with her pieces Strontvlieg (Dungfly) and Harira and was involved as a director in the storytelling show of Terra (Norihiro Terazawa).

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