Five questions you've always wanted to ask a terrorist

While the actors Soufiane Moussouli and Yorke Mulder-Bhangoo intend to play a show for the public about extremism, radicalization and an absurd encounter, they run into problems with their own views. The question is whether they can actually play the story at all.

A chance encounter, or not?

In Five questions you’ve always wanted to ask a terrorist, two terrorists meet at a table at a Burger King at an airport in Istanbul, the main route between east and west. The one (Jewish) returning disillusioned from a successful mission, the other (Muslim) eager to join a terrorist movement to fight for a better world.

Theatre: Five questions you've always wanted to ask a terrorist


  • 15 theatre and school performances for secondary education
  • Connecting people from different backgrounds with each other
  • Stimulating dialogue around breaking stereotypes
  • Panel discussion about the emergence of stereotypes and fear of society
  • Renewing the storytelling theatre genre by mixing personal stories with theatre.


  • Production by the Storytelling\Theatre Lab (part of the Storytelling Centre Foundation)
  • Marjan Barlage (final directing)

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