The Man Who Danced Alone

What is it like to live as an openly gay person in Casablanca? The LGBT + community is a target group that unfortunately does not always experience a sense of social safety. That is certainly true in Morocco. We wanted to make the life of this community in Morocco visible.

The only belly dancer in Morocco

In the performance The Man Who Danced Alone, Charafe Ennaji, the only male and gay Moroccan belly dancer, tells his story. To make you think, but also to show that you can be who you want to be. The police regularly stop Charafe’s belly dance performances and arrest him. But he continues and with success, including a worldwide broadcast. Our performance ended with a discussion panel.

Theatre about LGBT+ The Man Who Danced Alone


  • Making the LGBT + issues debatable
  • Stimulate the dialogue between the LGBT + community and the migrant community
  • Panel discussion on the shift in visibility of the Moroccan LGBT + community compared to the Dutch-Moroccan queer community
  • The promotion of LGBT + acceptance
  • The connection of people from different backgrounds with each other
  • Working on strengthening the identity of the LGBT + community itself
  • Renewing the storytelling theatre genre by mixing personal stories with theatre.


  • Storytelling Theatre\Lab (part of Storytelling Centre Foundation)
  • International Queer & Migrant Festival

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