Young meets old

How do people see each other when they work on their own story and then share it in a recorded way? Without seeing each other and only hearing each other’s stories, images about the “other” are formed differently. This is what we worked with in Jong ontmoet Oud (Young meets Old) part of Osdorp de Vertellende Wijk (Osdorp the narrating Disctrict)

Listen without predjudice

The moment people met in this storytelling program, a different connection immediately emerged. Why? Because they had looked at each other from a different perspective. And because participants in their own group could first be made familiar with telling and sharing their own story, so as to open slowly to the other group. This project has laid the foundation for future projects.

Young meets old: Listening without prejudice



  • Storytelling Centre Foundation
  • Local residents from Osdorp

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