Train the Trainers - Storytelling for Social Workers

Storytelling Centre helpt sociaal werkers om met jongeren en senioren te werken mbv een storytellingmethode, namelijk de Share to Connect methode.

Our philosophy is that you should always let the best trainer work with a group. And that is not necessarily a trainer from the Centre itself. For example, when abroad, due to the language barrier, we prefer not to provide training directly to the target groups themselves. We then choose to train trainers in our Share to Connect method, so that they can work with the target groups themselves.

Workshops are made to fit

The Train the Trainers trainings are regularly organized abroad (Palestine, Morocco), but can also be set up elsewhere on request. On average, these intensive training sessions last 10 to 14 days and we often attach a practical assignment / internship to them. All our training courses are tailor-made, so contact us for more information.


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