Moroc(c)ans don't cry

Many young people with a dual identity do not feel at home in the Netherlands, nor in their country of origin. They struggle with their biculturalism and with the image that society paints of them. They are asked to adapt to society, but do they get the chance to do so?

Moroccan, or not?

Soufiane Moussouli shares his struggle in the musical performance Moroc(c)ans don’t cry. Born in the Netherlands, but actually Moroccan. Or not: “They say that you have to adapt to society. I really want to be Dutch. But can I surrender my identity? Because what we see about Moroccans on TV is normal, but if I then behave socially, I am different. “

About identity: Moroc(c)ans don't cry - theatre



  • Production by the Storytelling Theatre Lab (part of the Storytelling Centre Foundation)
  • Andalusian Orchestra
  • Dwight Breinburg
  • Abdel Attahiri

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