Ample room for diversity

To promote social safety and acceptance of the LGBT+ community in Amsterdam, we believe it is important to also hear the stories from their immediate surroundings. So that family, friends and acquaintances feel that their opinion is allright. The latter often creates room for more understanding.

Awareness in the surrroundings

In February 2019 we started a new program to create more awareness in the immediate surrounding of the LGBT+ community. In this project we collect common stories from the environment of LGBT+ people in Amsterdam New-West, which are then be presented around the summertime. At the same time, the Storytelling Centre also trains LGBT+ people in countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia in making their own stories.

LGBT +: Ample room for diversity



  • Stichting Storytelling Centre
  • Stadsdeel Amsterdam Nieuw-West
  • Stichting ART1

Storytelling Centre Amsterdam

The Storytelling Centre Amsterdam organises storytelling workshops and trainings for companies, civil society organisations, NGO’s and for you. 

  • Following a workshop increases your  communication skills and team player skills.
  • You learn to really listen and speak about yourself without any fear.
  • You increase your self conficence.

Interested in what we could do for you, your company or organisation?

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