Alternative Ways to Learn a Second Language

Many European countries have experienced an influx of refugees in recent years. Learning their new language is essential for their integration. But what if this is too big a challenge? During our language lessons for people with low language learning skills, we saw the need for an alternative method.

What if learning is difficult?

Although Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands have good formal methods to learn the second language, there is a group of newcomers for whom this is too hard. For example, functionally illiterate people or people who have never learned to learn.

The aim of this 2-year European cooperation project is therefore to develop an alternative method to give them the opportunity to learn a new language so that they can still actively participate in society.

A new method to learn a second language, developed by the Storytelling Centre.


  • A curriculum for language teachers who work with functionally illiterates or or low educated newcomers. Want to hear more? Please contact us.
  • Knowledge development on how storytelling can be used for this target group
  • Exercises for students where fun is paramount, that connect with daily life and playfully learn more about the culture of a new country.


  • Made possible financially by the EU, within the Erasmus + program
  • Storytelling Centre Foundation (Netherlands)
  • De Talentenschool (Netherlands)
  • Elan Interculturel (France)
  • Arbeit und Leben (Germany)
  • GO! (Belgium).

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