Getting men out of social isolation with storytelling

Many projects focus on women, but in our society there are also men in a vulnerable position. They often came here in their early years to work, lost that work in one way or another and ended up in a downward spiral. They have a loss of self-esteem, feel that they are not taken seriously and feel shame. They become a single story. We have started a project within Golden Men to let these men discover their own story and to show them that they are not just this single story, but that their personality consists of so much more.

Stop! Storytelling against polarization

Stop! Storytelling against Polarisation How can you use storytelling as an intervention to reduce polarisation? We have already put this into practice a number of times, for example in Amsterdam North with two residents’ groups that were in conflict with each other but also in Palestine-Israel. Now, we participate in a European project to develop […]

The Rebelah Project

You learn best in an environment where you feel safe, no matter where you come from or what you believe. Together with partners from Spain, France and Hungary and with the University of Groningen, Centre for Religion and Heritage, we are investigating how to create inclusive environments where everyone feels free to learn, regardless of their cultural background and beliefs.

Stories in policymaking

Stories in policy making Storytelling is hip and happening and its usefulness is slowly making its way into government policy-making, especially as a means of increasing citizen participation. This is necessary, as citizens are becoming more vocal and have more means at their disposal to communicate and mobilise. In this sense, social media have influenced […]

Corona is just a story

Corona is just a story Before I make people angry with this headline: I believe that the coronavirus exists and that our society is currently disrupted by people getting sick. I don’t want to talk about the world of hoaxes and fake news. Rather, I would like to focus on how we make stories about […]

Don’t let corona become our only story

Don’t let corona become our only story What impact can the corona crisis have on our mental health? Besides the relational tensions that can arise from living on top of each other, many of us are also stuck in one negative story. It is important for our minds to keep making room for stories that […]

Getting through the crisis with stories

Getting through the crisis with stories! In these absurd times it is important that we keep seeing each other. Physically we can’t, but we can app, call, skype, zoom, you name it. This contact is good for our minds, especially if it’s not just about the current crisis. Yes, COVID-19 has a big impact on […]

Joint staff training Common Ground in Pristina, Kosovo

For the project EU project Common Ground Common Future (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership) we are looking for narratives that connect. In line with this we develop strategies with which people can better recognize and challenge damaging stories (fake news, hate speech).

Applied Storytelling: 4 new methodologies for vulnerable groups in the EU

storytelling voor maatschappelijke impact rondom diversiteit, conflict oplossen, taboe, jongerenwerkers, competentie ontwikkeling voor langdurig werklozen

Applied storytelling: 4 new methodologies for vulnerable groups in the EU Storytelling Centre is always looking for new and stronger methods to use storytelling in community work, in empowering vulnerable groups and in creating social impact and behavioural change. We are very pleased with the possibilities the EU provides us, as a part of the […]