Getting through the crisis with stories!

In these absurd times it is important that we keep seeing each other. Physically we can’t, but we can app, call, skype, zoom, you name it. This contact is good for our minds, especially if it’s not just about the current crisis. Yes, COVID-19 has a big impact on our lives, but also for people without essential professions there are many other things that just keep going on. Let’s focus on that and share those very stories with each other. Storytelling Centre wants to help you with this.        

The idea is simple. Contact a friend, brother, sister, father, nephew, niece, neighbour; someone you like to listen to, and agree not to talk about Corona. Instead, share beautiful stories, memories and future dreams. Below are three tips to get the conversation started:

Feeling at home

Because of all the alarming news, the feeling of security is compromised, while there is often no direct reason for this. It is therefore good to go back to feeling at home in your memories. 

  • Ask each other to go back to a moment when you really felt at home somewhere. Who were there? Where were you? What did you see or smell? How did that feel at home? How did that environment change? Who and what are important for you to feel at home?

Talk to each other on the basis of sharing the memory!

Being here now

In our “normal life” we usually don’t have time for extensive reflection. Now we do! Let’s use this time to reflect on who you are and who you want to be.

  • Ask each other what is the most important thing you bring from your past to the now. Can you give an example of this by describing a moment? How did you end up in that situation? What did you learn by experiencing that moment? How did it change you? Who or what really helped you? Who or what worked against you? What was your own strength or weakness that you learned then?

Talk to each other on the basis of sharing this moment!

Future Dreams

We all know the corona crisis is temporary. Yet this situation is so overwhelming that – now that we are in the middle of it – everything is related to it. So it is important to keep thinking about the future and dreaming.

  • Ask each other to go back to a moment when you felt that all your qualities and talents were being used optimally.

  • Then ask how you would like to use those qualities and talents in the future. Don’t let reality limit you. Dreaming is allowed.

Talk to each other on the basis of sharing the memory and the dream of the future!

We will complete these 3 tips shortly. If you have any suggestions, please pass them on to us!


Sometimes it’s valuable to play back the stories, so you can also record the conversation. If you are proud of the conversation and want to share it with others, send it to us and we will put your beautiful story (and others’) on our website.

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