Next to Normal: Palestinian Stories Untold

Palestine is constantly in the news. We see young people throwing stones, mothers crying, rockets and traumatised children. But do we know what really concerns young Palestinians? What makes them happy, what are their worries? Who are their heroes? What are their stories?

Theatre as a contribution to connection

We believe that theater can contribute to connecting in a diverse society. That is why we investigated the lives of five young Palestinians in the performance Next to Normal. For 10 days five theatre makers took the audience to their country via personal and sometimes political stories. Because they live in a country where the personal is always political. But where life sometimes is not political at all.

Next to Normal: Palestinian Stories Untold​



  • Storytelling Theatre lab (part of the Storytelling Centre Foundation)
  • Ashar Theatre Ramallah
  • Cafe Mezrab Amsterdam
  • The Hague Humanity House
  • Amsterdam Central Library OBA

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