Together in West: Living Library

Do not judge a book based on its cover, just as you should not judge a person by their appearance. Take the time to find out more about the content … That’s what the Living Library project in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is all about. By listening, you get to know each other.

Anyone can tell a story

Living Library West consisted of people from Amsterdam West who shared their story in a small setting. The people telling the story were therefore trained in building and telling a good story by our storytelling coaches. And the great thing is: no one who works as ‘living book’ has to worry that it will not work. Anyone can learn! We also organised a small-scale Living Library in New West.


  • Establishing a connection between people in Amsterdam West
  • Stimulating dialogue on various topics and breaking prejudices
  • Contribute to the tolerance of people
  • Make participants more resilient by working on their self-confidence


  • Storytelling Centre Foundation
  • OBA. (Public Library)

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