The World Is Storytelling

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The World Is Storytelling

An all new perspective on the ancient art of storytelling.

The World is Storytelling

The World is Storytelling offers a fresh perspective on the ancient art of storytelling.

Co-authored by Arjen Barel, Stu Packer, and Ronni Gurwicz, coaches and colleagues at Storytelling Centre Amsterdam, this book takes readers on a fascinating journey through the theory and practice of storytelling in our modern world. Whether you’re interested in job creation, language learning, conflict resolution, or simply enjoy folk tales, this book is a snappy, engaging, and insightful exploration of the power of storytelling. Drawing on personal experiences and years of workshop case studies, this book is the ideal companion for anyone interested in the art of storytelling and its impact on the world.

The History

Deep in the darkness of the first Covid lockdown, three different people sat down over Zoom. Three different countries. Three different styles of glasses. Three different perspectives on storytelling. One shared passion. To write the most pertinent and decisive guide on how sharing stories can contribute to social impact and personal growth.

We started with a smaller guide written by Arjen in Dutch, and expounded, expanded, argued, distilled, clarified, spending three years honing the best book we could possibly create. With a mix of campfire magic, clear guidance, and whimsical stories, there is a wide audience for this book, borne out by the testimonies from different readers up until now. The feedback is exciting, and we are super motivated to continue the process of sharing our belief that the world is storytelling.

Welcome to the long awaited tenuously rhyming tiny podcast that proves that the world is actually storytelling. Hosted by Ronni Gurwicz, co-author of the book and drinker of a 1000 coffees with strangers, we aim to explore stories, emotions, and perhaps some sustainability.

The World is Storytelling podcast is based on the book by the same name. Written by Arjen Barel, Ronni Gurwicz, and Stu Packer, it is the definitive guide to how sharing stories can be used for social impact and personal growth.

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The Authors

Arjen Barel: CEO of Storytelling Centre, Amsterdam – based in The Netherlands.

Ronni Gurwicz: ‘Create, Define, Communicate’ Coach, Consultant to Storytelling Centre Amsterdam, and Ecosystem Analyst – based in Galloway, Scotland.

Stu Packer: Actor, Coach, and VO Artist – based in Glastonbury, UK.

Contact Information

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