Kingdom of Fire and Clay: theatre about diversity

Kingdom of Fire and Clay: theatre about diversity

Kingdom of Fire and Clay While the actors Soufiane Moussouli and Yorke Mulder-Bhangoo intend to play a show for the public about extremism, radicalization and an absurd encounter, they run into problems with their own views. The question is whether they can actually play the story at all. Friends or enemies? Two young artists meet […]

Theatre about what it’s like to flee: Fortune Seeker

Theatre about what it's like to flee- Fortune Seeker

Fortune Seeker “Those fortune seekers”, that’s how refugees are sometimes called. We wanted to shed a different light on the story of the refugee. After all, aren’t we all looking for happiness? And what are you willing to give up in your search for happiness? Research into free will The performance Fortune Seeker by Soufiane […]

Theatre about LGBT+: The Man Who Danced Alone

Theatre about LGBT+ The Man Who Danced Alone

The Man Who Danced Alone What is it like to live as an openly gay person in Casablanca? The LGBT + community is a target group that unfortunately does not always experience a sense of social safety. That is certainly true in Morocco. We wanted to make the life of this community in Morocco visible. […]

LGBT +: Ample room for diversity

LGBT +: Ample room for diversity

Ample room for diversity To promote social safety and acceptance of the LGBT+ community in Amsterdam, we believe it is important to also hear the stories from their immediate surroundings. So that family, friends and acquaintances feel that their opinion is allright. The latter often creates room for more understanding. Awareness in the surrroundings In […]

Next to Normal: Palestinian Stories Untold​

Next to Normal: Palestinian Stories Untold​

Next to Normal: Palestinian Stories Untold Palestine is constantly in the news. We see young people throwing stones, mothers crying, rockets and traumatised children. But do we know what really concerns young Palestinians? What makes them happy, what are their worries? Who are their heroes? What are their stories? Theatre as a contribution to connection […]

About identity: Moroc(c)ans don’t cry – theatre

About identity: Moroc(c)ans don't cry - theatre

Moroc(c)ans don’t cry Many young people with a dual identity do not feel at home in the Netherlands, nor in their country of origin. They struggle with their biculturalism and with the image that society paints of them. They are asked to adapt to society, but do they get the chance to do so? Moroccan, […]

Diversity is only a story

We are all made of stories

Diversity is only a story Sometimes people wonder: is it really that simple? Can you resolve conflicts by collecting and telling stories? Aren’t there already existing methods for this? The answer to all three questions is a resounding yes. Of course it is often more complex than we can now sketch in this post, but […]