Storytelling Training breaking through Taboos

Extremism, radicalisation and an absurd encounter. In this performance and in our storytelling training, we make taboos on all kinds of topics debatable, including LGBT+

Storytelling Training breaking through Taboos “In addition to the great amount of interactivity during the trainings, the most important thing is that I’ve realized how important storytelling is in our lives. We need to be able to tell our stories to be heard, which is healing, but also to inspire others.” Even though we live […]

Storytelling Training for Intergenerational Communication

The Storytelling Centre Foundation offers storytelling training to connect generations, young and old. Whether it is about social insecurity, seniors who can guide young people or connection in the neighbourhood.

Storytelling Training for Intergenerational Communication “The seniors helped me to be me and use the things I have learned to raise my level and progress in life. Thank you so much for this experience!” Often the focus is on intercultural differences, but sometimes the differences between generations are greater and lead to more social problems. […]

Storytelling Training for aquiring a Second Language

Storytelling Training for aquiring a second language Many people are learning a language. As a hobby or as a necessity. At the moment, for example, there is a large group of newcomers who need to master the Dutch language; That is not easy for everyone. That is why we have developed training for people who […]

Storytelling Training Job opportunities

Storytelling Centre organisess storytelling training to get the long-term unemployed back on the market.

Storytelling Training Job opportunities “I have been given useful new tools to formulate my qualities when looking for a new job. Because we had to actively make stories ourselves, I now have more confidence to present my story and make it come across better.” By working with stories it is possible to strengthen competences. Storytelling […]

Storytelling Training Diversity/Intercultural Encounters ​

The Storytelling Centre Foundation organises storytelling training to stimulate diversity, for identity reinforcement and thus positive intercultural encounters.

Storytelling Training Diversity/Intercultural Encounters “I believe in the power of words and I felt how strong storytelling is as a tool to connect cultures and society in motion. I found it very interesting to connect with others through stories and it helped me to grow my personality. I am more confident now.” We live together […]

Storytelling Training for Conflict(areas)

The Storytelling Centre Foundation uses storytelling for conflict areas, but also for neighborhood disputes, social insecurity or diversity issues.

Storytelling Training in Conflict(areas) “We met like strangers and ended up like a family. And all of that happened just because we shared our stories. I think it is because we had the same feelings – sad, happy – but everyone in his own way.” “The enemy is the one whose story you do not […]

Train the Trainers – Storytelling for Social Workers

Storytelling Centre helps social workers to work with young people and seniors using a storytelling method, namely the Share to Connect method.

Train the Trainers – Storytelling for Social Workers “I really got to understand the use of storytelling and felt by experience how useful it can be in my work as an interculturalist. I thought it would be three special weeks but it was more than special. It was magnificent!” Our philosophy is that you should […]

Storytelling Training Cultural Heritage

The Storytelling Centre Foundation regularly organizes storytelling training for employees in cultural heritage in order to be able to tell even more catchy stories.

Storytelling Training Cultural Heritage “It’s interesting to discover that you can transfer so much more if you don’t tell the whole story of a fort. This new way of telling fits in much better with who I am as a person. ” In recent years, the Storytelling Center team has regularly provided training to employees […]