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Four benefits of storytelling to connect different age groups

Storytelling is a strong means of initiating communication between individuals and groups, for example between different generations or different cultural backgrounds. Working in groups is an essential part of this. For example, telling and listening in groups encourages you to really get to know and understand each other. But there’s more! We list four benefits for you.

Storytelling for telling and sharing
1. Listening and sharing together

With group work you have both storytellers and audience (attentive and critical listeners). A good way to use this potential is to let participants work in smaller groups to collect and create stories. This positively influences the dynamics, because participants can immediately check whether ideas work and test how they can best convey something.

storytelling in small groups
2. Working on self-confidence together

In addition, it is easier to show any potential uncertainty in a small group than immediately before a larger audience. It helps participants to work on their self-confidence. Because self-confidence is being worked on in both generations, communication often changes.

Working together to make a better story
3. Creating a better story together

By involving the group in giving constructive feedback, they see how the quality of stories improves through collaboration. Moreover, by listening critically and giving feedback, participants are “forced” to look critically at their own story, compared to the story they have to review. In this way they discover the strengths and weaknesses in their own story.

A final presentation in storytelling
4. Creating a final presentation together

Finally, the participants in a project have a greater resemblance to the audience, with whom some ultimately want to share their story, than the trainer. Co-participants are usually the best reviewers of a story. Our task as a trainer is primarily to properly guide and facilitate this process.

Curious how we use our storytelling method and group work to connect groups? Take a look at our showcases or contact us.


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